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TelstraClear can provide you with your home phone line, calling, broadband and mobile services. All on one bill and without changing any of your current numbers. Great value, user friendly Broadband packages. With their broadband you can enjoy the fact that you won't be throttled back to dial-up speeds. Plus all of their HomePlan packages give you maximum speed broadband as standard.
 TelstraClear have taken the responsibility of controlling SPAM for their customers very seriously and invested in world standard anti-spam software way back in 2003. This means their customers are virtually SPAM free. They keep you well informed about your broadband usage with email notifications when you are reaching your limit and a great looking usage meter you can check up on at any time. TelstraClear has New Zealand's only fibre-enabled cable broadband network with InHome, in Wellington and Christchurch.
 New Zealanders voted them BEST Nationwide ISP in the NetGuide Peoples Choice Web Awards in 2008 and 2009.

Phone: 0508 888 800